Victoria Beckham: Dress Like A Boss | Fashion 101² Day 6

Fashion 101² Day 5,  we talked about what to wear for a job interview. Today let’s upgrade the business attire and dress like the powerhouse : Victoria Beckham !

When people talk about Victoria nowadays , the titles come in mind is not singer or model, but business woman and fashion designer. With  her fashion label , She wants to empower woman without showing much skin. Look at her personal style , on the red carpet or in daily life, she looks sharp, elegant, and classic. She is the perfect model for her collection, and a style icon for the working girl!

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What To Wear In A Job Interview | Fashion 101² Day 5

Dressing accordingly in a job interview may seem basic, but it is easier said than done. There is no impression like the first impression. Before you start your rounds of interviews, be sure to have a comfortable, clean, and fairly conservative outfit. If you are not looking your best, the interviewer may wonder how much worse it can get. Your attire showcases your level of professionalism.

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What’s the difference between “Button-up” and “Button-down”?|Fashion 101² DAY 3

A Button-up shirt is with a separated front that encloses entirely with buttons.

A Button-down shirt is with the front buttons, as well as the buttons on the end of the collars. It was originated around the 20th century with English polo players, who started this style to keep the collars from blowing up into their faces while playing. Then Brooks Brothers introduced this style to Americans. “Button-down” quickly became a classic.

Button up and button down

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Top Featured Image: Model: Tatyana Very | Photographer:  Grayson Hoffman 

Fashion 101²101 days of fashion 101. Let’s go back to the fundamentals! In this section, we will talk about ways to wear a basic piece in your wardrobe ; different fashion terms and where they come from; fashion for different occasions and so on. If you have any fashion questions , please leave me a comment here ! I hope you will enjoy Fashion 101² as much as I enjoy writing them up !

1 Floral Skirt, 3 Looks | Fashion 101² Day 2

With one beautiful floral skirt, I put together three looks for you! Since the skirt is in a rich and dark blue, I picked three light color pieces as the top for the hot weather. Enjoy !

Look 1 Lace Up 

For the first look, I chose the simple creamy flower lace top to compliment the flowers on the skirt. Tucking in the top makes it a more formal look and helps to define the waist line. With this outfit, I chose a pair of black lace heel and bohemian inspired earrings. A perfect outfit for a date night, isn’t it ?Read More »

Why You Should Care About What You Wear? |Fashion 101²: Day 1

You don’t follow trends and you don’t care much about luxury brands. More importantly, you don’t think what you wear determines who you are. Then, why in the world should you care about fashion ?

Your clothes change how people view you.

Right, never judge a book by its cover. But very often, out of all the books in the bookstore, we pick up the book with the most interesting name and cover. Yes, we shouldn’t judge people by what they wear. However, we human beings do make decisions based on our instinct, feeling, and impression, consciously or unconsciously.Read More »